Square One Education Network UAV Drone Competition

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In Wayne County we have been supporting students and schools with STEM programming such as our UAS Drone Competition. The competition is more than just flying the drones, but also programming the drones in the autonomous mode. Additionally, a data bot has been utilized in past competitions to gather data such as carbon dioxide. This simulated a real-world experience. The students had to monitor carbon dioxide emissions from multiple smokestacks to identify polluters with a high carbon footprint. They attached the data bot to the drone and lowered the probe into the smokestacks to determine carbon dioxide levels. This simulated a situation in which somebody like the environmental protection agency would monitor carbon dioxide emissions from companies to reduce the impact on climate change.

The drone competition is part of our STEM pathway. Interested students will continue through our Geospatial Technologies (GIS) pathway ultimately having the opportunity to earn their FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification, an ESRI Certification, 9 credit hours of university course work, and paid summer internships.

The images in the gallery are from Melvindale High School (2023) and Frederick Douglass Academy (2024).